Water and Flour
Beetroot sourdough baguettes

The 16th of October is the bred day!

Our bakery decided to participate in the Norway national competition of the best bred that will be held that day.

Before that we are making internal competition in our bakery; first 4 best bred in the bakery will go to the national competition.

I came up with this idea: Beetroot bred, not using the root it self but only the water it was cooked in.
The idea was to create tradition baguettes but red ones.

The recipe over 1 kg of tradition flour is this:

- Tradition Flour    1000g
- salt                  20g
- Yeast               4g
- liquid sourdough 150g
- Beetroot water   660-680ml

 - First fermentation: 3h (fold at least 1 time in the      middle)
 - Devaiding (420g)
 - 30 min rest
 - Shaping
 - about 18 hours rest in 6c.
 - Scoring and bake for on 230c for 18-20 min.

With the Beetroot i had left i made a salad:

Grilled pumpkin, fried mushrooms and beetroot salad

- 1 cooked beetroot cut in to cubes
- 200 gr grilled pumpkin cut in to cubes
- 100 fried mushrooms
- fresh spinach
- 1 small shallot finely chopped
- a hand-full of parsley finely chopped  

 - Mix all together, add some olive oil, some salt and lots of pepper. Bon Appetit

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