Water and Flour
Sweeet this is so interesting! I
 cant wait for more!

Sweeet this is so interesting! I
cant wait for more!

omg this is so exciting! I
 cant wait for more!

omg this is so exciting! I
cant wait for more!

omg this is so interesting! Im excited for the next batch!

omg this is so interesting! Im excited for the next batch!

hello there!

i just happened to stumble across your blog & i'm so happy i did! i'm a pastry chef from NY and i'm actually travelling to Norway & Sweden in less than 3 weeks! i'll be in Oslo for a few days (may 24-27 & june 4-7) and was wondering if bread baking workshops were still being offered at Apent Bakeri or if you might know of any other classes/workshops in Oslo around that time? i love learning from other bakers & pastry chefs - especially in other countries! i'm not sure how often you check your blog, but if you happen to get this message & have any helpful info, i'd be so happy & grateful!

thank you so much!
have a happy week!

jenny =)

p.s. - you can see some of my cakes & sweets here if you're at all interested!

Hey Jenny, seem like you know your stuff! I really liked your Flickr pics.

I’m the production chef in Apent bakeri so i’m not in charge on the courses. But any way i’m afraid that there are no courses during may-jun. Nevertheless send my an email to oranbk (at) apentbakeri (dont) no , and maybe i could arrange a stage for you for a day or two.   

Whisky panna cotta

No photos this time, i forgot to spry the bottom of the panna cotta cups, so it got stuck and call me a snob but taking pictures of plastic cups is out of my league…

what i can tell u is making panna cotta is super simple, just make sure u put the gelatin in cold water and that u have enough of this stuff…

 This recipe is inspierd by 2 blogs that i read:



I thought,” why not to mix both”, put some caramel on top and make a panna cotta that would be sweet and would make u drunk in the same time!

Here is the recipe


- 4 Gelatin pages
- 60ml water
- 330cc Cream
- 240cc Milk
- 8 drops Vanilla extract
- 2/3 - 1 cup of whiskey


- put Gelatin pages in cold water for 10 min
- heat up cream, milk, Vanilla and whiskey.
- pour some hot liquid on the gelatin stir until the gelatin dissolves then pour the gelatin mix to the rest of the hot liquid.
grease up cups for the panna cotta and pour in the mix.
- place in fridge for the night.

Enjoy! ;-)

Focaccia Workshop

I was invited to hold a workshop making some kind of bread in the Jewish community students in Oslo.
Most of the people I know are afraid when it comes to mixing water and flour. The idea in this workshop was to reduce this fear of making home made bread.
I have a nice recipe for focaccia that is so easy and fast to make it was the perfect one for that event.
This recipe is for who ever is new with baking bread. just try it and see how easy it is!


Flour 450
Semolina Flour 50
Water 375
Yeast 20
Sugar 5
Salt 7.5


1. mix yeast with all the water then add same amount of flour to create a poolish - wait 1h
2. add the rest of the flour, Semolina Flour, salt and sugar
3. mix and knead until the gluten constructs
4. leave to rest as a square shape for 1h on the baking sheet
5. Spread the dough on the baking sheet
5. brush with olive oil and sprinkle with fleur de sel
6. bake on the bottom of an oven for 15 min then on the top for 5 more min
7. brush with some more olive oil

Terrine of Foie Gras - Or I know what you did last Christmas

Terrine is a bit like a bordel; You have so many options of sticking things inside that you are kind of lost.

At the start it look kind of scary to make it (no more hore house analogy!) Most of the people don’t do it because it requires a bit different techniques, but not hard ones.

My terrine was done for Christmas so I used a bit more expensive Ingredients like foie gras de canard.
The internet does not offer so many good recipes of it and they don’t give any guidelines so this recipe I will explain better.


Foie Gras Group

- 900gr uncooked foie gras without the veins
- A handful of roughly chopped parsley
- 100gr of dried figs roughly chopped
- 5 tbs of old, high quality whiskey
- 2 large onions copped for long fine slices
- 4 tbs butter
- 1 star of anise
- 1 bay leaf
- Paprika
- Salt
- Pepper 
-250gr bacon


1. Preheat oven to 150c and put a pan full of water in it
2. Make caramelized onions:

             A: On medium fire in a sauces pan put the butter and                  the chopped onions, stir and close and reduce to                    low heat. 
             B: Add salt, pepper, paprika, star of anise and bay                      leaf, stir and close again.                           C: After 15 more minutes take out from the heat and leave to cool

3. mix together the foie gras, the parsley, the figs and the whiskey and mix together with your hands.

4.  On plastic film spreed nicely the bacon, on top of it the caramelized onions and in the end the foie gras mix. Roll it tightly and rap it with some more plastic film.

5. Place it in the pan in the oven and reduce the temperature to 120c, bake it forabout 30 min then reducethe temperature to 90c and bake for another 30min.the idea is that the Foie gras won’t pass the 60c in it or else it’s fat will dissolve. 

6. Take it out from the pan and place in in the fridge over night.


I hope you will find the courage to do it (and the money to by the foie gras). It tastes very good! 

Gnocchi, or how to make delicious stomach bombs

We came back from 2 days in A cabin out of the city, the trip was nice and all but as we got back home and opened the fridge we arrived to 2 conclusions right in that instant:

1. The fridge is empty (but what is this white box)
2. Ooo my god, It’s chicken is from a week ago! It cannot get any stinkier the this!

I did have some eggs in the fridge though… Flour? check! , Potatoes? this too! 

Great, all what i need to make gnocchi!


600g Baked potatoes 
2 egg yolks
150g flour
2g salt


150g butter
50g Parmesan cheese 



It can not get any more simpler then that; Mixture of potatoes with some egg yolks, flour and some salt. On top Butter That’s it! 

Or is it?

Gnocchi IS really simple to make but you have to (or must not) follow certain rules the phrases makred as Italic must be followed to the word, or you will risk of loosing this great texture of a good gnocchi. 

- Bake the potatoes in the with just the turbo on 200c for 45 min.
- Peel them, let them cool a bit and squash them with a fork
- Add flour and egg and kneed until the dough is formed.
- STOP! don’t over kneed it
- Roll it to a long round, well… roll.
- Sprinkle some flour and cut in with a fork, then squash it gently to give it the finish touch.

-5 minuts before the time you cook the gnocchi, brown some butter by heating it up in a small sauce pan on medium / low heat, when it makes smell of heaven you know it’s ready.
- Cook it in Boiled water until it floats. 
- Drain the water place the gnocchi on the plate, the butter on top and on that the Parmesan cheese. 

Now, you ask your self what’s the meaning of the title, you will understand after you have it. But I can tell you this, don’t plan of doing sports / have sex / walking out with the dog / or any kind of physical activity at least 1 hour after.

Good luck! ;-)

Cake with n’importe quoi


You know this feeling when you go in to a supermarket to buy just some eggs, but in the way you pass by the meat section, where they have 50% discount on the minced meat. What? you won’t buy it? of course you will! Then by corner of your eye you can see that they have 2 kg of plums at a ridicules price, so you get this too, after 2 - more products like that you understand you actually should have got a crape and you don’t have any more space to hold these things in your hands, so you go to the register.

After a week in the house, you ask your self “what what is this strange smell??” 
Well, it’s the plums that you got! Who buys 2kg of plums to eat by him self??

Any way you need to do something these soon to die plums, here is an idea what u can do with plums or any kind of fruit who is going to get bad:

Cake with n’importe quoi


Butter 120g
Sugar 100g


150gr flour
1 tbs baking powder
1 tbs cinnamon
1 tbs nutmeg 
1 tbs salt

80g Philadelphia cheese 

10 plums or 400gr of what ever cut to big big pieces. (if you don’t want any one chocking to death it’s better to take out the pips before)


- Mix butter and sugar until creamy 
- add eggs
- add all the dry stuff 
- add Philadelphia cheese
- Add the what ever and mix gently

- place in an mold big enough and bake in 180c for 40 - 50 min
- u can stick a knife into the cake and if it’s comes out clean it should be fine. 

I Couldn’t resist and ate mine before taking any pictures…


You know, for me writing a blog most of the time is not about what people read or think about it but a way to express myself. 
Unfortunately I don’t have the artist hand or musician ear, I do have lots of thoughts though - good ones, bad ones. Most of them are deep and some of them are even a bit disturbing.  
I don’t think I ever shared my deep dark thoughts with any one, I’m not sure I want to. But I am sure that I need a way to let them out. A good way of expressing myself and let these things inside of me flying out.

Does cooking do it for me? Hardly. It’s just the tip of the iceberg, there is so much more! But how can i do it? 

I wrote a blog about the meaning of life about 3 years ago, was crazy shit. I compared there our existence to an existence of a computer program. I think i deleted that blog. But the point is that maybe this is what i should do? Write yet another blog, with all my crazy thoughts?? Could people handle it? I’m not sure society is ready for it yet. So mean time i’ll stick to cooking and keep my thoughts to myself.


If i will find that crazy meaning of life text, i promise to put it on.